How To Stop Wasting Time

“People who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its shortage.” People often wonder where does their time go and keep complaining of the scarcity(shortage) of time. It is said, ‘there is no such thing like, I don’t have time. ‘Every one has exactly the same amount of time and that time is good enough to make one a great champion.

wasting time

Myth(‘No Time’)

People may dream big, they may have the potential gifted by the God but they rarely achieve even if they have passion to succeed. This is only because they think they do not have time to fulfill their dreams. They live with this misunderstanding throughout their lives, since no one has been able to break the myth of ‘no time’.

Small Time-Wasters

Most people tend to bother only about big distractions and tend to ignore small time-wasters. But it is the large number of small time-wasters which later become the big time-waster.

Once you are convinced that there are many time-wasters which kill your time but there is one good thing about them that they will waste your time only if you allow them to. To be able to get rid of your small time-wasters you need to identify them and then decide what you want to do about them and then take actions. 

Identify Time-Wasters

You must ask yourself a question, ‘In what way this activity/wastes my time?’ then finding possible cause. i.e. ‘How does that happen?, ‘Why does it happen’? are important questions to be answered by answering you create time by removing those time-wasters. One must remember that every unique individual  has one’s own unique time-wasters.

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how to stop wasting time

Planning is a rational approach to achieving whatever one wants to. It helps in bridging the gap  between ‘where you are now’ and where you want to go’.

Planning is the first function of management. It pertain to looking into future and knowing what is required to be achieved and then managing the resources to achieve that. It should be understood that decision-making is an integral part of planning.

Recognise that planning consumes time but saves much more at the end.

Have the courage to say “No”

One may be too shy or lacks confidence and accepts what ever additional task or responsibility is given by others. It saves a lot of time and effort to have the guts to say ‘no’ right at the outset. Some people approach you to get something done using your authority or position. If you cannot help them, be honest and do not commit anything you cannot do.

Do not involve yourself in everything

You must be concerned with essentials only. Divide the activities in ‘must’, ‘should’ and ‘cloud’. Ensure a ‘must’  is your business, ‘should’ may be attempted if time permits but never go to ‘could’ because it is a ‘must’ or ‘should’ for someone else. The principle of ‘Management by Exception’ should be the rule. Do not interfere unless you are required.

Improve decision making process

Let there be a system for making decisions. Get facts, set goals, investigate alternatives and negative consequences, make the decision and implement it.

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